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I would like you to meet an extraordinary and exceptional person. In every aspects of her life she manifests with light. Her name is Viviane-José Restieau.

Viviane is a great, extraordinary artist. I consider her to be one of the most enlightened artists of our time, one of these artists that History will probably remember a posteriori, as our epoch is yet not fully ready to welcome her. So much light and consciousness manifest through her work that sometimes we see some people having the diaphragm of their soul shut down. They invoke a vague excuse about personal taste, or no sensitivity, or anything else. However the art that manifests through Viviane is universal. It’s made with pigments of light and vibrations that seat inside every being. This art belongs to no culture, no artistic canon, no fashion, no epoch, no belief system. It transcends everything, it is universal, it is the universe. No surprise that kids show immediate sensitiveness, neither they have been trapped inside cultural cages nor they have been separated from themselves yet. The diaphragm of their souls remains wide open.

Viviane is a very simple person, with a chubby, smooth-skinned face. Her big blue eyes filled with love and candor stare at you right in the depth of your soul. Just like some children can do. Let’s not be mistaken: around her child stare many springs have curled up (I won’t reveal her age, that’s up to her to say) giving birth to a timeless wisdom, rooted in the ground while leaves are fed with light. Viviane IS light, she IS her full own creation. No need to be sophisticated or scholar when the spring of life is here, so simple and pristine.

Viviane is my sister of light. An inexhaustible of joy, love, laughter and simple presence. Together we travel across invisible worlds, way beyond the senses. We visit source-spaces, we admire the arabesques and akashic vibrations that make our souls dance. Nothing is more real than these spaces. What we name “reality” then reveals its deception and drops its finery. It becomes a big farce that makes us laugh out loud.

I could endlessly continue to talk about Viviane. But now I would rather let you discover her by yourself and, who knows, maybe meet her someday. The good news is she does an exhibition no later than tomorrow (this post being published June 16, 2011).

If you want to visit her, if you want to enter in her maison-lumière (house of light), hidden in some anonymous street in Montreuil in Paris’ suburb, don’t go there lightly. Don’t come to consume her work and her sweet presence. Prepare yourself before. Make it a pilgrim. Offer it to yourself and to the universe. Deserve it. Deserve Viviane. One you have crossed her door, take your shoes off, don’t bring the pollution of the city. You enter in a sacred place, in a sanctuary. Enjoy the beauty of her little fairy garden where the heart of the maison-lumière beats. Open your soul, let the paintings operate, deep inside yourself, where pre-birth memories seat.

When you leave, be grateful. Leave an offering, a gift, something that allows the place and Viviane to live, to continue offer their fruits. Indeed, as a gift and unconditional love giver, Viviane never wanted to sell herself or get corrupted in the market economy. A work belongs to everyone. The creations you will see belong to you. Take good care of them, take good care of Viviane. Be with her just like you would be with the beautiful majestic tree in your garden. It gives you its fruits, unconditionally, be as generous in return.

Wishing you a wonderful trip.


Here’s Viviane’s official website (in French): Lumière des Mondes


Invitation Viviane-Josée Restieau - Expo juin 2011


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