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During my last long trip to the US, many things happened in regards to serving the emergence of free currencies.

These trips cost a lot of conventional money. The last one in September 2010 placed TheTransitoner in a delicate financial situation, as it was not financed by other sources of income as we usually did in the past. Although this trip was not “reasonable” from the mental-rational-accounting perspective, it was absolutely right when I looked at it from my soul. That’s why I did it, and I have no regrets. It opened so many new paths and created so much wealth! Isn’t it interesting that we live in the world where big wealth can be generated while we can end up bankrupt? Money is just abstract numbers that come and go, wealth is what stays. So we feel ‘broke’ (another interesting word), isn’t it time to trust the Providence? The one who surrenders to unconditional service for others will be supported by Providence. It doesn’t matter what is the kind of support that will come and where it comes from, it just happens. The Universe is a gift economy.

Today it feels right that TheTransitioner don’t cover all expenses –mostly travel expense– in order to support free currencies. We now want to invite other partners to contribute and participate in the great adventure of free currencies. I have to learn how to ask for service rather than asking for help, as shared in this post. Giving is easier, I tell you! But giving and asking is what sustains the big chain of service, the domino effect of making impossible things in the world.

So let me ask for service here…

I would like to come back to the US  as soon as possible, and I need support for this.

Many people I met this past month are willing to contribute to the free currencies project, be it by offering their expertise or providing resources in a material form. My presence is needed to keep the fire alive, to complete current conversations, to attend some key meetings, and to seal some important agreements.

Also I want to attend an important gathering with Barbara Marx-Hubbard next November 5-6-7. We gather at her house for a collective reading of The Cosmic Family Reunion, a masterpiece she wrote 15 years ago. I wrote a quick post about it. It is a revolutionary piece and an absolute download that will have a profound impact on many consciousnesses. It is fully connected to free currencies, but another post is needed to explain why.

I want to be in the US from Oct. 28/29 until November 14. The trip would be France – California-France, with a possible stop in Denver.

The support needed can come either in conventional money and/or air miles (or any other form that I don’t know about yet, as I don’t want to close the door to any other possibility).

It feels good to ask. I like the feeling of sending this intention to the Universe by writing it in my blog. The Internet is definitely an optimized space for serendipity where the transrational mind can weave new realities.

Will this trip happen? Will support manifest? Of course we can never know before. If this trip doesn’t manifest this time, I have no doubt that other forms of wealth will reveal themselves later. But right now, time for placing this intention, with a big big smile and a joyful heart!


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  1. October 28, 2010, 11:49 pm

    It happened! During my previous trip (see http://noubel.com/6-weeks-in-the-us/) I met the Tarsadia Foundation. They offered to pay for the plane ticket! I am so grateful that new partners are now coming to participate, be it for a one time plane ticket or a long term support.

    So I will be in California Nov. 1-14.

    The next support I need is a car once there. No car, no efficiency. Let’s see how this unfolds!

  2. November 11, 2010, 3:07 am

    And it happened again! My dear new friends Ashim and Anu, whom I met last September during our philanthropists meeting, decided to take care of all the transportation aspects of my trip to California. It included a rental car in L.A. and S.F., and the plane ticket between the 2 cities. This is not all. They have also hosted me in their house, which gave me the joy and privilege to get to know them intimately. They, and all their family, are beautiful, inspired, heart driven persons, each of them committed to make a difference in the world in a way or another. I have been treated like a royal guest. This is a blessing, an honor, and more fuel to continue the journey. Thank you Anu and Ashim, thank you to all your family. May everyone be blessed.

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