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I received an invitation to speak in front of 600 people who have decision making positions in their organizations. This event takes places in Toulouse, South of France, 4th of December 2012, and has the name of “Nuit des Réseaux” — something like “the Networks Night” in English. My talk will not look like a usual conference because I will come from… the future. I will tell how society evolved by freeing itself from money. I come as a witness and a teller. I meet a new exercise here, it feels attractive and confronting me to the unknown. Unknown within myself as I don’t know much about my skills as a teller (I have no practice of it), unknown because of the challenge I undertake, as I have not heard whatsoever of anyone telling the post-monetary society live on stage before. I feel vulnerable dealing with this new way of inviting hearts and minds to open towards such sensitive topics.


Time travel machine


Of course I feel infused with many ideas and visualisations about how this post-monetary world will look like. However these intuitions represent only a tiny portion of what matures in the collective already. This post-monetary society has already begun its birth process (many signs can be observed), therefore it already exists as a potential, in dreams, images, concepts, deep inside many minds although they may not have a full awareness of it yet. I would like to harvest some of these fragments of visions, ideas, concepts…

Below you will find a short text that sets the scene and the context. Precise questions follow. If you feel answers, images, ideas, concepts sprouting in your mind (or within your toes, any place feels good), then don’t hesitate: share them! Doing so you will contribute, like many others, to sculpt reality with the hand of our dreams. As always we will realise that the so called reality plays as a mirror that reflects our games as artists and infinite creators.

Imagine humanity has evolved into a post-monetary society. Successive worldwide economic crisis from the past ended up demonstrating that the technology called money, which worked for thousands of years, no longer served the needs of human society. Money caused unprecedented humanitarian and ecological catastrophes, and humankind almost went extinct. The whole humanity had no other option than to shift from competition to mutualism, from consumerism to co-creation. Economy no longer restricts itself to Humans, it now includes the other living species that live in inter-creation on the planet. Thus, in today’s society we build, exchange, rank and measure wealth in a very different way that we did in the past. We use systems and technologies that allow us to see and sense the whole spectrum of what we call integral wealth.

  1. What happens in everyday life? Can you imagine stories about people, human societies and collectives in different parts of the world?
  2. What technologies do you see at use? What do they look like?
  3. What key events from the past lead to the post-monetary society?

I asked the questions above in Quora, you just have to click on them to see them there, and you will likely read some answers from other inspired persons. You can also decide to share your thoughts here by posting a comment.

Let our dreams play!


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