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If often use this term —Law of Attraction–, or even more often: the Law of Attraction/Repulsion. This morning, while writing another post, I realized that I am using these words in my own way. I should clarify in regards to the common context.

The expression “Law of Attraction” came naturally to me through my own direct experience. It is the simple observation that we attract others via our own behavior. Behavior is the external manifestation of our inner alchemy: emotions, personal and transgenerational history, persona, physical aspects, social environment, cognitive profile, etc. This makes us some sort of very complex molecule that floats in the human soup. Our complex molecule bonds with other complex molecules that carry their own properties (that’s the attraction part), while it discards those that have antagonistic chemical properties (that’s the repulsion part). That’s just a very natural and universal property that, I believe, makes sense for everybody.

More interesting to me is when we being to claim power on this law of attraction/repulsion. In order to do so we need to shed the light of consciousness on everything that we manifest into the world as an expression of our inner being. We need to understand how our relationships with others are built, how they became what they are today, and what are the real deals behind. For he/she who begins this journey, it is likely that he/she will discover that most of what binds us together is built on unconscious processes, pervasive social architectures, belief systems and social codes that we are not aware of. Revisiting every single agreement, every single contract we have with ourselves and with others is quite a journey. Worth the trip though, because this is the path to freedom and personal sovereignty, leading to the claim of our own inner kingdom. Freedom is not about not cutting links with others, it’s about choosing. Then, and only then, can we take possession of our inner infinite universe, and become Gods and Goddesses to ourselves.

For he/she who decides to surrender to what is True, Good and Beautiful, for he/she who decides to make these transcendent divine lights the driving forces of the soul’s journey, for he/she who decides to surrender to the blissipline (the uncompromised art of following the bliss), then the whole chemical properties of our human complex molecule transmute and shift to a new level. Every single current in the cosmic soup leads to serendipitous encounters with the right person at the right time and the right place (here’s a short video about the difference between synchronicity and serendipity). This is really cool stuff, (speaking from direct experience 😎 ). That’s from the “I” perspective.

From the “We” perspective, our own inner alignment and bliss contribute to the weaving of a cocoon of consciousness around our beautiful blue planet. These new networks of universal humans following, aligning and synchronizing to those greater pulses of light, are undoubtedly a great evolutionary step. It is about the human species shifting from ethno/socio-centric social structures to a world-centric universal society, with some kosmo-centric taste in it (that’s where the pulling involutionary force comes from).

This collective weaving of this cocoon nesting our planet comes from our “I” taking possession of the inner kingdom. It requires time, patience, mastery. Beyond appearance, it’s totally impersonal. It’s a hero’s journey, as Josef Campbell described it so well. He/she who claims possession and conquers this inner kingdom/queendom then begins to attract other kindred spirits, and here we are cooking the next cosmic soup. A delicious one.

This experience of the universal Law of Attraction/Repulsion has little to do with what I have recently heard and seen about the “Law of Attraction”, as explained in this successful movie called “The Secret“. There is certainly some universal truth revealed in it, but as usual it’s turned into one of those usual reciepes of life: “Just think strongly about it, desire it very strongly, and it will come to you” over simplifies the equation. Although this statement is not wrong on the surface, it doesn’t stress the need for soul work underneath, I mean meeting our soul for real and letting it take possession of our entire being — mind, body, spirit –. I also witness that conventional money has come inside the equation and created the usual social architecture outcome (and income as well).

I guess in this blog I will share a lot about these serendipitous stories, each of them show how soul encountering is where the Universe weaves itself and demonstrates its infinite creativity because we are its infinite creators, all children and parents at the same time.

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