Evolve the We, Evolve the I

14 minutes to talk about our inner evolution in a world where everyone talks mostly about technology and external change.

Pioneering Humanity – A Conference in India

During my trip to Auroville, India, Dec. 2014, I gave a conference about collective intelligence and my research work in exploring new ways to exist and evolve consciousness.

One Breath Away from Evolving?

We speak about human evolution mostly with a technical lense shaped by a materialistic vision of reality. What if we could look through the veil?

Presidential elections: who will become the next captain of the Titanic?

Today's governments work exactly like big ocean liners. It doesn't matter which captain you put at the helm: they'll remain slow, corruptible, uncapable of navigating our century. What should we do then?

Did these men crash the world?

I recommend this excellent 4 parts documentary called "Meltdown" from Al Jazeera. It explains with many details how the top finance lords deployed their most subtle and vicious art as predators that eventually lead to the 2008 crash.

Freudian Slips of Pyramidal Collective Intelligence

Pyramidal collective intelligence has its own way to rejects everything that can endanger it. These parapraxis operate like antibodies. An example in alternative schooling systems.