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For the past 2 years I have been doing lot’s of workshops, retreats, keynotes, radio & newspaper interviews about the evolution of money towards free currencies, and the shift our human species is making from pyramidal collective intelligence to global collective intelligence.

Last September 2009 I took the Vow of Wealth. Since then I have walked, step by step, towards the concrete application of the Vow. Last May I gave up my house that was hooking me to a monthly rent in hard money. Now I am a happy nomad. My bank account is not closed yet, but I don’t use it since Sept. 30. It will be closed in the next coming weeks. I will continue to use conventional money in cash form for my personal life until I become fully sustainable and wealthy (in the true sense of it) in the new economy with free currencies.

This last summer 2010 this question came knocking at the door again and again: is my mission to inspire the massive next economic shift and let things happen, or am I here to also to build the next free currencies? The last day in Burning Man, the answer came: I am going to do it. The way clarity came is a beautiful story by itself, but that’s for another post. All I can tell is the answer was manifested from the outside in a very explicit manner. Just like in movies. That was really fun.

So, the point is: I am going to make free currencies become the next global monetary system for our little planet.

Sounds crazy? Megalomaniac? It certainly is. But think it twice: all big changes that have shifted consciousness came from a small group of visionaries and pioneers. Take the printing press, photography, airplanes, telephone, microcomputers, the Internet, and more recently Skype, Twitter of Facebook… all there was were a handful of people who just believed in their vision and brought it to the world in the most simple way: do it and let it happen.

When I say “I am going to“, it looks like I am going to do it all by myself. Of course not. But at this point I want to speak for myself for what I want to be accountable for. It will definitely be a we journey, even a WE journey, as so many people are involved. I do believe in the power of declaring accountability from the I perspective. I+I+I+I+…+I, each individually accountable and committed,  is what will build a solid team, capable of actions and not just ideas.

Today I want to gather the best refined souls, who have the highest moral integrity, the best spiritual understanding on the evolutionary nature of reality (regardless their practice, religious or secular), and who hold world class expertise in one domain that can serve the evolution towards free currencies. Mastery can be about software coding or architecture, film making, fund raising, strategic planning, legal issues, accounting, social media, teaching, translating, public relations, social networks, cloud computing, etc.

I want the best film makers and story tellers to write the best stories about how the world will be when humanity has taken control of its currency system.

I want the best software coders and architects to form a global open source community that will create the infrastructure for free currencies to become a universal language for wealth, accessible to every community in the world, local and global.

I want the best social servant leaders and entrepreneurs who will offer their creativity to deploy free currencies in the communities they serve.

I want the most conscious financial people or institutions to offer conventional money to support this transformation while those serving it still need to relate to the old economy.

I want the best corporate partners who can provide technical infrastructure or knowledge of any sort.

And the list goes on…

So, more news soon!


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