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Recently, after reading the post “Towards a life of charity“, a dear friend of mine wrote me: “Your steps towards a future submerged in a life of charity reflect your sincere belief in the goodness of mankind and the strength of your being.  It is indeed inspirational though I am sure that I would never be able to come even close to the stage of fearlessness that you have achieved.

It takes courage and authenticity to share such a thing. I want to express my gratefulness to this beloved friend. Both she and her husband are a blessing in my life.

I think our conversation can be a gift for others than just she and I. Therefore here is below an excerpt of my response to her. I just removed her name so that the intimate part of our exchange can remain intact and protected.

Six Armed Waitress


My Beloved Friend,

I invite you to never say never :). You are perfectly able to go to radical fearlessness. Don’t make it a goal, don’t make it an idealization of yourself, this is the best way to fail, to feel separated and deceived by ourselves. My invitation is that you just let the door open to this possibility. The day your soul feels ready, you will get to radical fearlessness. And the good news is you will eventually get there, no matter what. For most human beings, the reaching of radical fearlessness happens just before their death, once there is no other way than letting everything go. Then, for some seconds, minutes, weeks or months, depending on the circumstances, everything falls into place. The path becomes clear because fear is gone. The world reveals its true nature, an interconnected flow of energies and forms that keep transforming and creating new forms. Reality becomes pure art and love.

This place of bliss, we reach it no matter what. It can be during the fractions of seconds that precede a car accident once we know that it’s going to be it. Or it happens once we cross this threshold, in our death bed. From now on all we have to do is let go, everything will be fine. It is our soul that decides when this moment has to come, although we may have the illusion it may reach us by accident.

Some more advanced souls can decide that this state has to be met way earlier in life, by will. They know this is going to leverage their service to the world. Other advanced souls may decide to keep the lock on, as their own limitations helps them do their service better in the conventional world. Locks and limitations are not always the manifestation of ignorance. They can be the expression of a design made by soul before birth. Some of them will remain during the whole life, others will be unlocked at the right moment.



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  1. December 08, 2011, 3:31 am

    I came upon your website after it was mentioned in “Sacred Economics.” Great post on charity!

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