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Starting Monday January the 5th and ending Wednesday Jan 21st 2015, I will serve two forms of specific and purposeful spaces: body plays and spaces for truth.

Body Plays

Supramental plasticity will enable it [body] to stand the attack of every hostile force which strives to pierce it: it will present no dull resistance to the attack but will be, on the contrary, so pliant as to nullify the force by giving way to it to pass off. — The Mother.

The body plays invite us to a liberating and joyful exploration of the body, of its conditioning and its potential. We use martial arts and the way of the warrior to contemplate and play with forces that animate us, pass through us, and sometimes destroy us.

Judo weight against opponentThe body plays aim to liberate our plasticity by exploring many situations involving aggressive and non aggressive forces that challenge the body, the mind and the spirit. Building a full-time, context independent, body equanimity, even in the midst of stressful situations, helps the descent of wisdom in the most cellular levels of the self.

Martial arts offer a perfect ground for self-exploration in a non-judgmental and playful way. The many exercises we do with partners help us understand ourselves, meet our edges and make the next step.

Come with sportswear or casual outfit, as we will play on the ground! No prerequisite level required, however you need a good physical shape. Come with an open, curious, joyful, engaged mind. And don’t forget your smile!

When and where?

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7:30am – 9am behind the Unity Pavilion

Last body play: Wed. Jan. 21st.

Classes still happen even in case of heavy rain.

Spaces for Truth

In these spaces, I offer my years of spiritual practice to manifest truth, beyond the mental.

Maybe we will speak. Maybe we will remain silent. Maybe we will play in the body, or cry or laugh together, or dream new stories.

My commitment to truth will serve and guide the process. So will yours.

Don’t expect politeness and conventions. Come for fire, and possibilities.

And love.

In the moments of conversation, I will use the 6 agreements as our social architecture. Read them before coming.

I will speak only with your permission and invitation.

Vision from a rhinoceros

When and where?

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10am – noon in the Unity Pavilion

Last space: Wed. Jan. 21st.

Spoken languages: English by default, French and Spanish if necessary.


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