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I am now reaching the last part of my long 6 weeks trip in the West cost of the US. First week was Burning Man, second week was Boulder, Colorado (that was also burning due to forest fires), then the Bay Area (Sept. 14-30), then L.A.

Here is a quick report of how the situation is evolving.

I had 2 meetings with Louis Fox, founder of Free Range studios, and creator of worldwide viral hits such as the Meatrix and Story of Stuff. Louis is combining an ultra-creative mind grounded by an extreme pragmatism about how human psyche works, and elevated by a deep spiritual practice. Louis is quite excited about free currencies and about building a piece that can help humanity move to the right currency system. During our meeting he has already voiced many ideas that will make a difference. We are going to work together, this is great news, as this is one more ally in our dream team!

Tomorrow we have a whole working session with Rick Lukens. He is a well known figure in the entertainment industry, as he has organized huge international events and concerts, and he knows most of the showbiz players. Right now he is working on a site with his friend Carlos Santana: Architects on a New Dawn. Rick has invested in a software company that has developed a whole new way to use computers, to interface with the machines and between humans. This is ground breaking, it’s the next generation. It’s so disruptive that the software is now developed in China rather than the US. Big names of the software industry, and 100+ developers are working on it. It is going to become the operating system in the iPad competitor that is soon to come (a much better product). It will be a shock for America. The point is there is a perfect affinity between this technology and free currencies. So there are amazing synergies that we are going to explore. This is another good news.

Next week I am meeting with different people in the movie industry in Hollywood. As I don’t have asked yet for their permission it is too early to name them officially, but these people can also make quite a difference in the way we build the new planetary myth.

I will also meet with an important player in the game industry, as the game industry has the best capacities to provide fun and powerful user interfaces.

There is also the ongoing work with Barbara Marx-Hubbard who is also part of the team. Her vision, her scientific support, her capacity to share the great evolutionary story, her connection with so many thinkers across the world is a great value she brings. Barbara is part of our growing board of advisors composed of people who’s scientific reputation, evolutionary vision and moral integrity are well know.

I am also talking to other potential conscious financial supporters, both on the philanthropy and investors’ sides.

Every piece of the puzzle to make free currencies possible are coming together seamlessly. What we need now is some conventional cash to continue assemble these pieces in order to offer enough evidence that some philanthropic money should be put in “Moneytrix“, the viral movie on free currencies). $20k would help us continue our trip, finance the next one in a few weeks, and put some effort in the first sketch of the movie. The goal is to make it crystal clear that $200k for building a Manifesto + a viral movie made by the best dream team, is worth for the world.

This by itself should ignite the necessary momentum to finish the infrastructure  for the free currencies. Eric Harris-Braun and Arthur Brock, both the core thinkers and visionaries of MetaCurrency, are ready to play!

Any feedback and advice be very precious. We need support and service to be able to do our service.

This is definitely an amazing journey!


There are 3 comments on this post
  1. September 29, 2010, 3:47 pm

    A big thank you for these wonderful news !
    Wish you all the best for next steps …

  2. Vincent Trautmann
    September 30, 2010, 6:37 am

    Thank you Jean-François for these exciting news. Your commitment and energy are beautiful!

  3. Sybille Saint Girons
    October 04, 2010, 8:45 pm

    serendipity and attention are serving our Intention ! Blessings for your Service ! I’m just leaving from Colorado and will medidate on MoneyTrix. Namaste

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