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Why Will Humanity Become Vegan?
To you whose health fails…
If governments did only things you liked, like working on ecological issues, ending poverty, public health… would you then use money issued by these governments?

The discipline of collective intelligence demonstrates that poverty, pollution, social inequalities, mass extinction exist as the consequences of using a scarce monetary system called money. Selfishness, cupidity, the drive for conquest and domination on animals and life certainly represent traits of human psyche, but in most cases scarce money stirs them up. It then activates predatory and patriarchal ideologies such as neo-liberalism and other forms of fascism.

I can hardly see how States, large organizations and society in general, will evolve towards a sustainable and virtuous future while using today’s monetary system.

Last but not least, the money we use everyday today doesn’t come from the governments, but from the banks, therefore from private companies with private interests.

So, because I don’t think money can ever solve today’s problem, I use it reluctantly and will continue to work on better options.