Did these men crash the world?

I recommend this excellent 4 parts documentary called "Meltdown" from Al Jazeera. It explains with many details how the top finance lords deployed their most subtle and vicious art as predators that eventually lead to the 2008 crash.

Freudian Slips of Pyramidal Collective Intelligence

Pyramidal collective intelligence has its own way to rejects everything that can endanger it. These parapraxis operate like antibodies. An example in alternative schooling systems.

Viviane-José Restieau, my sister of light

I would like you to meet an extraordinary and exceptional person. In every aspects of her life she manifests with light. Meet Viviane-José Restieau.

Speaking at TEDx Paris 2011

Speaking at TEDx Paris 2011 about the "after money" society gave me a great experience. What did I learn from it?

Feudalism and money

The feudalism based on land has moved to feudalism on money. How can we free ourselves from these new lords? By building new expressive capacities.

First readings to enter collective intelligence

People ask me what they should read for their first steps in collective intelligence, wisdom and consciousness. I'll share some ideas here...

One year after the Vow of Wealth

One year after the vow of wealth, what does it look like?