In this page I share my list of desired riches, or more precisely my desired material wealth. You will find the whole spectrum, from the most basic forms (food, shelter, health care) to those that support beauty, goodness, truth and invite the highest expression of my being. I have also chosen not to support junk objects. I support quality (which I see different from luxury) and I would rather not own an object than acquiring one of bad quality, made in bad conditions to lower the costs, and that will eventually pollute because of its short life span.

Some ‘yes but’ thoughts may cross your mind while reading it. For instance:

  • By living in the gift economy, don’t I live off my friends and the world in general?
  • Why do I mix what serves for surviving with other things that may look trivial or not vital?

Well, if such thoughts cross your mind, then why not you read the asking unconditionally article and the FAQ?

Whatever form of kindness you would like to manifest or talk about, please contact me so we can explore this together.

So, here we go 🙂

Enveloppe cœur - Heart enveloppeConventional money or cryptocurrencies

From your perspective, conventional money may offer the easiest way to support me, as it gives direct access to all the material riches I mention below.

I like the idea of you manifesting directly your generosity by offering one of the things listed below. You may prefer this too: it shows directly where your kindness goes, in a transparent way.

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Raw food heartFood

I eat organic vegan food. This article explains why.

Monthly: 500€ ($550) – possible deal with a local organic food store.

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Big tree covering small treeA health insurance

The lifestyle I chose provides me with the wonders of an excellent health. However we never know what life will look like.

Estimated yearly cost: 1200-1500€ ($1,300-$1,600)

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Tour EiffelA base in Paris

I travel to Paris quite often. Lot’s of my Parisian friends can host me, however I rarely ask them for 2 reasons: first I come too often to invite myself every time, second my meetings begin early and end late, not super compatible with a social life. Hence why I use a lot’s of Airbnb and hotels. However I know Paris has lot’s of empty apartments. If you have one available, I will honor it and take good care of it.

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The Indestructible Puffer

Made from Dyneema, the single strongest fibre known to man today, 15x stronger than steel and 40% stronger than high-strength aramid fibres. It can withstand the toughest challenges in the coldest places on Earth, resists to the real world from rocks, ice, trees, and falls. The kind of sustainable, ethical, technical cloth filled with recycled material that you can keep forever. Check their website.

Estimated price: 895€ ($950)

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EcrivainA year to finish my novel

What will happen in the next 100 years? What if human consciousness made an incredible leap? Thanks to what, and to who? You will follow the story of 3 young adults in their journey through the 21st century and the shift of our species and its consciousness. Each of them will live an extraordinary adventure that will take them all around the world and at the edge of consciousness.

This novel requires that I give it a full year, full-time. What about contributing to its making?

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Systema trainingA Systema seminar in Toronto or Moscow

I practice and teach this extraordinary martial art called “Systema“. It operates through the complete relaxation of the body while facing extreme contexts. In order to keep improving my practice, I participate in international instructor seminars in Toronto and Moscow.

Estimated cost: 2000€ ($2,200). Includes travel, accommodation and seminar expenses.

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Motorbike jumpA motorbike riding class

We drive a car, but we pilot a motorbike. Safety and pleasure have to walk hand in hand. Therefore a 2 days advance driving class with one of the best teachers in the world has become a must for me.

Estimated cost: 900€ ($970)

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Website, server, etc

My different websites (, TheNewRepublics, EvolutionaryBootCamp) have maintenance and upgrade costs (server, software licenses, services…).

Estimated yearly cost: 1500€ ($1,700)

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Church in Aix-en-ProvenceMy home in Provence

The dream came true thanks to the generosity of beautiful human beings. I became the happy tenant of a little nest in Provence. A peaceful place to write, to rest between my trips and to enjoy life with my beloved ones.

Yearly: 12,000€ ($13,500) – you can contribute for a month, quarter, semester or full year.

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A piano for music composition

These Yamaha pianos record not just the sound of what you play, but the real touch of your hands on the keys. And they can reproduce it, or edit it into a score. Music composition will take a central place in my life.

Depending on the configuration, the prices range from 20,000€ to 60,000€ ($22,000 to $66,000)

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Happy lawyerLegal support

Gift economy as a system and lifestyle doesn’t have much space for it in current legal systems, to say the least. I would like to work with a lawyer who feels passionate about these questions and who would like to explore new possibilities. What legal entities should we create, and what personal status should we choose? How can we open new paths for others? How can we avoid paying taxes for war and other inhumane things? How can we direct wealth to the right causes?

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ParapenteA paragliding training course

I practice paragliding as a passion, a bird dream that never stops. Regular training courses allow me to improve my practice and safety.

Estimated cost : 700€ TTC.

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Ozone Ultralight 4Ultralight wing for paragliding

Trekking and paragliding work well together if you have an wing+seat you can insert in your backpack. These ultralight wings bring the experience of mountain and nature to a new level.

Estimated cost (wing + seat + safety parachute) : 5200€ ($5,800)