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Conference at the Paris P2P Festival : “The World We Want”
The Man of Understanding
Conference at the Paris P2P Festival : “The World We Want”

Sunday, January 12 2020, 3pm-5pm

Place: Ground Control – 81 Rue du Charolais – 75012 Paris – France
Since the rise of civilizations, humankind hasn’t found a way to organize society without centralized power structures. By normalizing thought and social codes, they successfully synchronised the actions of millions and billions of individuals. We call it pyramidal collective intelligence. The global warming, the ultra-concentration of power and wealth, the extractive and patriarchal vision of the world, the anthropocentrism and speciesism prove that pyramidal collective intelligence has reach its limits. Today our species invents technologies and infrastructures that will enable a higher form of collective intelligence, the holomidal collective intelligence, distributed, open source, built on economies that integrate life in all its forms. Which technologies and what inner changes will provoke this transition?
Happy to meet you there!

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