Going Post-Monetary

People often ask me what I think about Bitcoin. I see it as an intermdiary step before the rise of free currencies.

From Need to Desire

The word "need" somehow brings the victimhood dialectics. What about taking responsibility for our desire?

Live rich

In Sept. 2011 I decided to live 100% in the gift economy. How does it feel like?

Integral Wealth

How can we define wealth? What do we call 'integral wealth'? What link with Beauty, Goodness and Truth? Check these two short conferences.

Did these men crash the world?

I recommend this excellent 4 parts documentary called "Meltdown" from Al Jazeera. It explains with many details how the top finance lords deployed their most subtle and vicious art as predators that eventually lead to the 2008 crash.

Speaking at TEDx Paris 2011

Speaking at TEDx Paris 2011 about the "after money" society gave me a great experience. What did I learn from it?

Feudalism and money

The feudalism based on land has moved to feudalism on money. How can we free ourselves from these new lords? By building new expressive capacities.

Standing up for free currencies

I want free currencies become the next global monetary system for our little planet. Megalomaniac? Absolutely. And happy about it.

From owning to flowing

What if we shifted from owning to flowing? What kind of societies and infrastructures do we need for this?