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My research on collective intelligence has lead me to explore and support post-monetary society technologies, and to live in the gift economy. You will find below a collection of articles and link that explain this choice and share the journey.

Rabbit in a field of carrotsDesired Riches

I can live in the gift economy because of your own acts of kindness. Think of a tree: it can offer its most delicious fruits because the environment offers what it needs to blossom.

I live like a tree (or this happy rabbit). In this article you will find the wealth I desire to blossom.


Klimt - The Tree of LifeLive Rich

I decided to live in the gift economy in a world where we need to buy and sell everything, in a culture where the expression “to earn a living” doesn’t shock many people. I earned my life through my birth.

Gift economy doesn’t mean living poor. On the contrary!


basic_needs_200x200From Need to Desire

Conventional language works well to describe the market economy, where everything gets bought, sold or exchanged. As for gift economy, the language that describes it remains anchored in an oral and archaic tradition. It doesn’t serve the semantic rigor that we need today.



AbundanceAsking Unconditionally

Giving unconditionally usually serves as the motto for the gift economy. I shows the most exciting part of it in which we can project ourselves with the beautiful role. However “asking unconditionally” shows the other side of the coin (if I may say so). A much greater challenge for the ego.



ButterflyThe Vow of Wealth

By Taking the Vow of Wealth,
I decide to welcome and embrace all the wealth that springs around me, in its material and immaterial forms.
I welcome wealth as what brings us closer to the manifestation of truth, goodness and beauty.


Dali - Da VinciYour Nicest and Greatest Gift

The masterpiece of yourself nourishes its own purpose. Your temporal becomes a musical instrument, the one you chose to play celestial music. Do not mix up the instrument and the melody. Instruments play separated, distinct, temporal. Music brings oneness, timelessness, universality. 

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