Practical application of the Vow of Wealth

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Given our epoch, given the person I am, here are some practical actions that I am going to take in order to honor the Vow of Wealth:

  • I enter into the generosity economy. Therefore I don’t sell anything anymore. Everything that was given to me as skills or material things, I offer or share them.
  • I leave the current monetary system in order to migrate, in successive steps, towards free currencies. Free currencies embody the moral and spiritual values I serve today.
  • During my transition I use the strict minimum of conventional money in order to fulfill my most basic needs, food for the most part. My objective is not to use money as soon as it becomes possible.
  • I give or hand on every assets I acquired in the past by means of conventional money. I will only keep some objects that were offered to me as gifts, as they are marks of love.
Let me make clear that the Vow of Wealth doesn’t imply that the choices above are a requirement for everyone. Another person may take the same Vow and, according to his/her context and personality, may find other ways to apply it. That said the Vow of Wealth deeply questions the relationship we have with money and some action is likely to be taken on this area. 


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  1. Jean-François,

    As a father, how do you compose with the Vow of Wealth and your family life? With a wife and three kids, I feel like taking the Vow AND staying with my family in the City where I live, where we work and pay my mortgage…

    I don’t see how I can get beyond the current monetary system without alienating myself from my family. Friends that matter would follow me… but Family who depends on me..?

    Thanks for your insight, you are one-of-a-kind.

    Montréal, Québec

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