Vow of Wealth

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By Taking the Vow of Wealth,


I decide to welcome and embrace all the wealth that springs around me, in its material and immaterial forms.

I welcome wealth as what brings us closer to the manifestation of truth, goodness and beauty.

I welcome wealth as life giving life, and life evolving life, for the great alliance between matter and light.

I commit to build meaningful, generative agreements that lead to harmonious and joyful relationships with my human brothers and sisters and with other living beings.

I commit to offer others what they need for the fulfillment of their life.

I commit to welcome what others offer me for the fulfillment of my life.

I commit to nakedness and vulnerability, and to welcome my incompleteness, so I can open myself to receiving from others.

I commit to welcome others’ nakedness and vulnerability, and to welcome their incompleteness. There I find the joy of proposing my gifts.

I will not support whatever keeps living beings separated from Wealth.

I will not support ideologies and acts that degrade abundance into artificial scarcity, for that triggers greed and war.

But rather than fighting against these ideologies and acts, I will tap into the infinite creativity that birth gave us. I will become an artist, I will co-create with my fellow brothers and sisters, and new paths will reveal. The future will not come from my reaction, future will come from my creation. Future manifests pure art, it springs up from my presence to the present.

I will invent and master every tool, technology and practice that allows the strict application of this vow, in the context of our epoch and culture.

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  1. DEar Jean Francois, like St. Francis you build the new world brick by brick. I do love you so much, Barbara

  2. Beautiful!

    Now to make it practical. To create new practices in the domain of Wealth.

  3. Lisa Maroski says:

    One can’t help but see in this vow of wealth the mirror image of the traditional vow of poverty that clergy take. And yet some of the actions are the same! (Mirror images are like that, I suppose.) This expresses deep faith not just in yourself but in the collective. It was/is faith that moves mountains. And I hear some rumbling! The words of Margaret Mead are echoing in my mind too. I forget the exact phrasing, but they have to do with big things starting from a small band of committed souls.

    Have you thought of starting a page where others who want to take this vow can do it publicly?

    In Oneness and Love,

  4. jf says:

    Dear Lisa, thank you for your sharing and support. There is a comment about the vow of poverty in the questions repository that might help build on your point. As for starting a page where others may want to take this vow, I will do it if needed. At this present moment this is so new… 🙂 Much love to you!

  5. Christopher Paton-Gay says:

    My dear dear Friend,

    You inspire with your walk down this path of ever enlightening steps. Talk is so easy when compared to the sentient and rational path stones of action. May your journey teach me and may I seek comfort in your courage in the hope of following some day.

    I have currently found myself locked down by my monetary obligations and cannot join you yet ….. perhaps the day will come.

    With my love and eternal connection,

  6. jf says:

    Dearest Christopher,

    Your words create warmth in my heart. I will need everyone’s support to walk this path, be it through encouragements or practical action.

    Love and eternal connection too!


  7. Fer_ananda says:

    Dear ones, My heart bursts with joy by reading your responses. The vow is creating a generous field. I totally agree with Lisa as she mentions its a trust in the collective. Its pure love. Deep gratitude for you all.

  8. Mark Herpel says:

    Right on, right on. I love it. I’m going to reprint this across all of our publications and network. Excellent, this line says it all for me, “I leave the current monetary system. I will not acquire or sell anything with conventional money anymore.”


  9. jf says:

    Dear Mark,

    Thank you for your feedback. I hope this vow won’t be taken as turning away from others, but as an expression of love and the will to build a world were harmonious exchange can happen. The design of the monetary system has definitely a key role to play in this!

    With gratitude,


  10. maria gonzalez says:

    Dearest friend: it takes courage and unconditional love to follow the path you have chosen. You are not alone, our hearts and intentions are together and the same. In the near future life will show us the path each of us will follow. Thanks for your beautiful example.

  11. My friend, Phil, has called on others to take this vow at GiftHub: http://www.gifthub.org/2009/10/the-vow-of-wealt

  12. Fernanda says:

    Interesting thread about the VOW in the GIFT Hub which begins like this:
    In the name of all that is holy, I call upon all social venture philanthropists, double bottom line social entrepreneurs, all social investors, all social capitalists, all strategic philanthropists to take The Vow of Wealth.


  13. Maria Del Rey says:

    Dear JF,

    You and Fernanda are living the type of vision others just dream about. You walk a head of most to show the way as a brave team to birth ideals that must be created and must come into being. Your work in Santa Barbara made a huge impact on me at a vulnerable crossroads of my life. Your kindred spirits sent a blessed seed in me that has grown beautifully. As we prepare the release of our ‘art of comfort’ for families in 2010, just know my dear friends that you were there day one in the conscious birth and creation of the inner architecture of my dream company. 2 things stay with me always 1) The spirit of feeling and conscious breath atunement you hold while you listen to others is amazing. Your manner seems to bring the best out of people. 2) The gentle vigour of the love you embody is a gift to humanity. The world is a much better place because of you and Fernanda.
    In comfort, connection and celebration!
    Maria Del Rey
    Hershey, Pennsylvania

  14. jf says:

    Dear Maria,

    Your acknowledgment and support are so important to us. How could we keep in motion if the world in general, and our friends in particular, were not giving us feedbacks that tell us when we are on the right vibration, and when you are not? Fernanda and I very much look forward to continuing our journey together with you.
    With love, gratitude and excitement,

  15. Alan Seale says:

    My dear Jean Francois,

    This is so beautiful and courageous and huge! Thank you for sharing this next step in your life with me. I can’t quite imagine all that this will entail and the changes that it will bring in your life and in those whose lives you touch. I honor and salute you for this step and the model you are for living what you so passionately believe. You are truly a gift to humanity and a spiritual warrior of the highest level.

    With much love,

  16. “Is there a need for proof ? Or a choice of a certain experience into empathy and understanding sufficiency ? Will you stay anonymous? Will you need to use your acquired social networks, or keep them as a choice? Will you need to use a representation of a underlying mission to access recognition,resources, and access to spaces of inter-dependency? Do you wish to turn it into a public relations strategy?” – sorry for the possibly apparent ungratefulness of such questions. I wish you to have a beautiful experience. Remember that I do not need you to proove anything. I wish you to have access to choices. Lots of Love, Dante

  17. Jean-Francios,
    Your vow of Wealth encapsulates in few lines, what my path has been for at least the past three years – In building a new Earth, together we can cast a vision about how living this life can be, and empower others to gradually make a shift, towards this vision of abundance that is really Real, based on the goodwill and contribution of everyone’s passions.

    I will validate your work, over the past 3 years (and longer) to say that the conditions for the shift to a gift economy are abSoulutely coming to pass, and it’s such a privildge for me to support those on the leading edge of this shift.

    I would love to talk and share further, as you have the opportunity.

    To our collective infinite Abundance and Potential,


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