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PeriophthalmusEvery day, every moment, I contemplate the way humans in the future will live, think, love, eat, evolve, build their experience of self, their narrative, and build themselves. Where does the evolutionary arrow wants to take me? Which inner magnet turns me into a fish willing to get out of water, ready to transform its fins into legs? What sleeping force inside me do I need to awaken in order to initiate a natural move towards a wide and clear consciousness, towards an unrestrained creativity, towards an increased capacity for action, towards joy, happiness and eroticism freed from their actual chains, towards a we built on free and inspiring I‘s?

Indeed, the “I” lives in the “we”, I mean everything related to my own history, my body, my DNA, that constitute me individually. Emotions, knowledge, practices, skills, survival mechanisms, psychological constructs, enter in the composition of this “I”, unique in its form and manifestation. I can study this blend, contemplate it, evolve it, just like a musician accustoms himself with his instrument and improves it so he can get the most beautiful harmonics and divine music out of it.

Furthermore we also have the “we” that lives in the “I”: culture, language, doxa, social codes, money, time, food, sexuality, love, power… How could I evolve without questioning this collective that lives inside me, that flows through me, and that I perpetuate through my actions? What do I do not want to perpetuate? How can a happy, free and creative “I” seed a “we” and make this “we” happier, freer and more creative, without imposing a political system, just by inviting the natural laws of life? How to evolve this “we” that lives in my self?

How does the I-we articulates itself?

You bet this research leads me to act in ways that may sometimes look odd in regards to actual norms. If you want to meet me, understand me and share a bit of the journey with me, you may consider this article as a “user manual” that completes the “about” page. It will inform you about my behavior and choices. May it will help us, my human friend, to communicate in an open, fertile and non-judgmental context.

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