Brad Nye

Brad Nye

Brad and I met first time early January 2010, during a trip in California.

What struck me the very first time, and this feeling has increased ever since, is the power that Brad holds in manifesting things. Hence, Brad has invited Fernanda and I to Burning Man this summer 2010 where he is building a whole infrastructure there. See for more information. Right after Bard is organizing the Core Conference 23-25 Sept. 2010.

Brad is definitely joining the source that inspires him with collective manifestation of spirit as crucibles where the world can evolve and transform, through serendipistic connections, expression of Divine Feminine, fun and self-expression that has freed from conventional forms.

Brad, I am so glad to walk this path with you! More to come in this post as new experiences will build along our journey.


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  1. Great to have more information about Brad. The talk he organised in BurningMan was awesome :)

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