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Turtle houseLocalization…

I landed in this world in 1964, in France near Paris. 37 years later I became the happiest dad of my little boy Estéban who arrived on Earth in August 2001. His mom and I live separately, in a deep friendship. I live in Provence and I have the French nationality. Above all I exist as a man in the world. A nomad citizen. Where can one find my home? Here, inside me. A little bit like turtles.


Soul music of joy

I consider myself as my first object of research and creation. I cultivate the art of happiness and joy. My main activity consists in existing. In fact I have no other activity. I play my own self instrument.

Symphonie - Viviane-José Restieau

Symphonie – Viviane-José Restieau

Here I draw a clear distinction between “my being” and “Jean-François Noubel”. Jean-François reflects a temporal human. He has his body, his face, his story, a location in space and time. He evolves in a culture and a society. He possesses a personality, a structure, some strengths and weaknesses, a particular tone, exactly like a music instrument. Just like a wave in the ocean, he rose up, now moves in the society of waves. When time has come, he will blend in the great ocean.

My “being” experiences itself as the whole Universe (Brahman), and as an atemporal consciousness form, a divine and omniscient singularity, a unique manifestation, local and ubiquitous (Atmân), all at the same time. Many would call “soul” this being that I describe. It works for me too. However I tend to use the word “soul” parsimoniously because time has eroded it and infused it with fossilised cultural schemes. Flavored with Christianity and sprinkled with morals, the popular understanding doesn’t have much to do with the direct experience I have of soul. I don’t intend to go into the engineering of consciousness, although I see the absolute utility of it, therefore I simply talk about my being and Jean-François.

Escher hands

Escher hands

Thus “being” refers to the composer-musician who plays the music of Jean-François Noubel’s soul, who knows every string, who articulates every sound, every dissonance and every harmonics. The “I” applies indistinctly to the being and to the man, given that our language misses an ontological form to reflect this distinction.

Indeed music takes a prominent part in my life. I know no greater art. Music sings and dances all possible forms of consciousness of the being. I play the piano, I love to improvise. Creation springs out from each of my inner crossroads.


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Infinitely rich

Orange treeA morning of September 2009, a Vow of Wealth burgeoned in me. If you have questions about this very topic, you will find some answers here.

I possess nothing because I decided that nothing belongs to me. Not even the thoughts that spring up in my mind. Liberated from the artificial boundaries imposed by property, the whole universe open its arms. I live in generosity. Everything I can offer, I offer –experience, joy, time, energy, objects and work…– to people, to living beings, to the world. All this in the heart of the market economy where nothing flows without an immediate and symmetrical counterpart.

Living in systematic gift puzzles quite some people, including me. Indeed it has always lead to the right place 😉 So I have no reason to stop.

People often ask how I survive. First, surviving has no interest for me. I came in this world to infuse myself with a contagious joy, not just to “survive”. Life comes as a gift at birth, why should I earn it? Joyous giving leads to joyous receiving, in quite a concrete way. Hence I live with the gifts people offer me, from gratitude, kindness, sweetness, thankfulness, and sometimes because of simple reciprocity. I learned to welcome them with joy and simplicity: a meal, money, a know-how, time, a roof, a train or plane ticket, a competency, a thank you or a smile…

Each and every gift arrive at the right time, in a complete match with the needs of the present moment. Nor do I need to calculate, neither I have to hoard. This way of living teaches how to quiet down the restlessness of the mental and the ego, with their endless short term forecast. The cicada turned wiser than the ant. I learned how to understand the flows of the world, more specifically the flows of wealth, as I listen to the laws of providence.

Providence? We also often hear the word serendipity. Providence or serendipity, it doesn’t really matter. I live with them and through them. Mysterious for many, they emanate from this inner exaltation that places me in the most beautiful symbiosis with the Universe. We call it celebration. Everything becomes erotic and joyful. The Universe? Yes, I mean the reality that erects itself as a mirror of my thoughts. Therefore inner happiness leads me to give the best of myself, and to receive the best because of the creative alchemy of my thoughts. Everything gets decided inside our inner mirrors. It makes me an artist. I just need to know what I want to create. Therefore I hold myself as a complete creator and attractor of everything that happens to me. Everything, no exception.

Truth, I love you…

Magritte - Ceci n'est pas une pipeI always say the truth. Truth expands our consciousness.

Truth turns me away from the seeking of any sort of external power in the world, as it gives me inner power. Truth makes us Gods.

Institutional power has no interest for me (financial, media, political…). Indeed I have no social status. No title, no function, and I take great care in keeping it this way.

I have no duty and no morals. I live in an amoral dimension (which means outside of moral, not immoral).

Maybe you feel a little clenching here? Let’s think it through… No duty and no morals leave a complete space to creative joy. If this joy always leads us to the right place, why should we remain trapped in the remote oppressive suburbs of morals and duties? “What about your son”, some ask, “don’t you have a father’s duty towards him?” No, I don’t, not even for him. I let evaporate any notion of duty. It offers him and me the freedom to joyously call all possible experiences and crazy things we want to live together. When two beings have so much joy sharing together, do they really need duties?

I also perceive myself as a totally useless person. By this, I mean “unusable”. Neither having a function nor acting like a tool, the space opens, once more, to creative joy. Listening to what others say, it seems they prefer me like this. 😎

Sex, sex, sex

Alex Grey - The Kiss

Alex Grey – The Kiss

Masculine and feminine sway in my depths. Inside my being, I live as an androgyne. I exist in the fullness of the union with myself, in myself. The Universe plays a big orgy. Every breath vibrates eroticism.

I love sex. Sex on the altar of Eros, by the side of Agape. Free beings offer themselves to one another to celebrate life via the body that carries it. There, nothing can exist through the dependency on the other. Love symbolizes itself by the absence of any padlock.

Wonderful goddesses enlighten my life, ignite all my being. Goddess of one night or Goddess of a lifetime, eternal Goddess she remains, as I undress her with these eyes. If she doesn’t see herself as a Goddess yet, may my contemplation and adoration awaken her divinity, give her the desire to enjoy this same freedom that kindles my passion for life. The rippling and ecstasy of the bodies celebrate this passion.





Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence, a discipline that studies… collective intelligence, I mean this extraordinary property of social living that emerges when beings collaborates. Plants, insects, viruses, bacterias, animals, humans… everywhere collective intelligence, inside or between species, lights up the Universe.

In this very moment, our species evolves. Very fast. I love exploring this and share the big story with my contemporaries. As I wrote earlier, I turned myself into my first object of research and creation, and my first lab. Living as a human of the 21st century imposes an act of every moment, here and now, with no self-idealization. All I have to do is listen to the blasting intuitions that spring from the joy of existing. I guess this contributes to the evolutionary arrow.

Jean-François Noubel thinking hardOn a daily basis, I do very different things. From a conference in South Korea or Morocco to a shamanic ceremony in Mexico, from meditation to the making of the next free currencies, from writing a novel to music composition, from martial arts to inventing the next ontologies, from social media to the practice of conscious breathing, from coaching CEOs to the evolution of our species… every day involves all the planes of my being, physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. Unless I got hit by jet lag, it doesn’t take much effort for me to wake up in the morning.

In 2012, CIRI — the Collective Intelligence Research Institute — came into existence. Its aim consists in supporting R&D, and communicating with the present world. We can see CIRI as an embassy that speaks the voice of the new world to the old one. This organization comes as the next step after TheTransitioner.org, an international network of people who feel passionate about the transition towards the next humanity.

Beyond the organizations implanted in the conventional world, the full journey really takes place in the Amate, the name of the vessel that carries pioneers who, like me, have committed to embody this next humanity that emerges. This vessel has no physical or legal constitution. It exists in our consciousness. However, believe me, it feels very real!

War and Peace

Budo IdeogramI practice martial arts since the age of 16, and I have taught them for many years.

Although it may look paradoxical for some, the way of the warrior invites for peace. I love training myself every day, no matter the places and contexts. I like to give the body its freedom of move, emotions, expression. I want a body freed from the shackles of social codes. The latter, for many of them, operate a separation between the being and the body. Indeed, in collective intelligence we observe that belonging less to yourself allows for a stronger belonging to the social body, at least in the most rudimentary forms of collectives. For me the body represents the place of all learnings, the space of ultimate knowing, as in it the whole universe manifests itself. The body carries the infinites.

Grazing in the meadows

Cow eating grassI eat vegetal only (fruits and vegetables), raw as much as possible. People call it “living food”, which I like. I have also eliminated gluten (bread, pasta…), and I eat very little fat. Therefore I belong to the big family of ruminants.

According to some of the people who don’t know me (or who feel safer by judging), the way I feed myself looks Spartan, monastic, fundamentalist, even masochist. They very much mislead themselves. My food choices represent the fruit (if I may says so) of years of research that led to an optimal balance. I feel super good, I feel well in a body that food contributes, among other things, to eroticise.

I won’t enter in a long ideological speech about food. I simply feel happy by feeding myself without killing. And no, I don’t consider that chewing a salad or an apple means the same than slaughtering a pig. If we dig in this kind of reasoning, then why don’t I assassinate you right away, since you have no difference with a salsify? Not supporting the institutionalized massacre of animals, with whom I live a deep relationship, builds a fundamental coherence with my own humanity. Often we hear “we are what we eat“, I think also that “we eat what we are“. It reflects an aspect (not the only one) of our consciousness’ maturity.

monkey_pile_of_bananas_450×600Therefore eating vegetal, alive and organic, comes as a joyous and liberating practice. I have access to a clear, vast, light, consciousness, something I don’t meet with whoever eats animal flesh and conventional food. I like the absolute sober state because it gives me full access to my essence. I don’t know better drugs than this.

On last detail: I rarely get sick. It seems that my vitality gives some hard time to microbes, viruses and bacterias. I don’t take much time to recover. Indeed the absence of disease relies on other factors than just food. However food definitely plays an essential role.



This introduction about myself is of course non-exhaustive. It will continue to evolve with time. This is the magic of pixels!



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